What are Waffle Pods?

Waffle Pods form part of an innovative slab on ground system utilised during the construction of concrete slabs for new residential homes, commercial buildings or extensions to existing buildings. The whole slab system is constructed on top of the ground.

Waffle Pods give schedulers and builders the ability to more accurately predict required concrete quantities reducing waste, costs and time on site. 

Builders and concreters can cut the block flat and then place the waffle pod system directly on top of the ground. This helps reduce the disturbance of the soil and you also no longer need to worry about the disposal of excavated matter from trenches.

The Institution of Engineers Australia awarded the Waffle Pod System with an Engineering Excellence Award. 

In Australia, Waffle pod slabs are designed to comply with AS 2870.1-1998, AS 2870.2-1990. Concrete Structures Code AS 3600-1988 – The Australian Standard for Residential Slabs and Footings. The current version of this standard is AS2870-2011.

Our Waffle Pods are supplied in standard 1100mm x 1100mm dimensions and are available in three different pod heights;

150 mm

300 mm

  • Waffle pod slabs are much quicker to construct

  • Waffle pod slabs allow for reduced floor depths

  • Waffle pods offer excellent vibration control

  • Waffle pods provide more thermal mass

  • Waffle pods are excellent for services integration

  • No back-breaking digging of trenches

  • Simpler and more accurate construction

  • No lost time – you can still work when it’s wet 

  • Compared to other methods of forming a slab, waffle pods create a more consistent, predictable foundation for your home.

  • Reduced costs with much less concrete waste

  • Waffle pods are light and easy to install.

225 mm

Waffle Pods are Recyclable.

Our Waffle Pods are made from recyclable materials making them better for the environment.

We only supply what you need for your Waffle Pod slab, which saves you time and money and we also recycle anything that you don’t use making sure your waste does not end up in landfill.

When you are ready, we collect all of the off-cuts; to re-use in the manufacturing process.

There’s no waste, so it’s better for the environment.
We also recycle 100% of the packaging used.